Chancel repair liability – a ticking time bomb

Published May 24, 2013 – 1 min read

The deadline for the parochial church councils of Anglican churches to register their rights to collect money from homeowners whose houses are subject to pay chancel repair liability is approaching fast. Approximately 500 parishes across the UK will be effected by this and a concern for many homeowners is that it could have a negative effect on local house prices. For those considering selling their home, or buying a new one, this deadline could present further complications to a transaction.

Nicola Banks, from local law firm Mogers, is a leading residential property lawyer and has recently written a blog article in which she explains exactly how church councils registering these rights will affect the houses that are subject to chancel repair liability and what can be done as a property owner to acquire protection against this.

This information would be particularly beneficial for those living in an area which is subject to chancel repair liability or for those planning a move to a new area in which may fall under this liability. To learn more about the effect that this deadline will have or to gather a better understanding as to how protection can be put in place before the rights are registered, please read the full article by clicking the following link:

Chancel Repair Liability – a ticking time bomb